Three Walls on Wednesdays Art Project Three Walls on Wednesdays Art Project Three Walls on Wednesdays Art Project

Charles Beronio : Banner

May 18 & May 25, 2011

by Charles Beronio

Welcome to millennial capitalism and the new era of imaginary economics.  We live in a contradictory and conflicted reality of globalized economy, trans-national migrations, and media saturation.  Commerce has reached an unparalleled scale that spans and envelops the globe and along with it– the spread of discontent, protest, disruption, and violence.  Consumption of goods and media has become a dominant practice in the ways we relate to ourselves and to each other.

My practice examines and critiques the relationship between political ideology and commerce.  I produce work to engage and contend with historical and contemporary events and social conditions in the increasingly abstract world we live in.

This banner was made specifically for 3///3 ...three walls on wednesdays..., and is composed of a canvas remnant and paint.  It is part of an ongoing body of text-based work whose subject matter and language critiques the rhetoric of capital.  Long live the spectacle!

Charles Beronio
May 1, 2011

Greek - Ελληνικά

Charles Beronio

Charles Beronio