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Juanli Carrión :Man with Banner in front of Greek Temple

September 28 & October 5, 2011

Ενθύμιο / Ερείπιο / Μνημείο
by Juanli Carrión

The intervention analyzes people's reaction produced by the words Souvenir, Ruin and Monument in a specific place and moment.   These three words have a relation between themselves, but at the same time they can be interpreted and related in many different ways depending of who reads them or, in which context they are found.

Today Athens is a good city to play with the meaning of these three words.

The piece wants to highlight the way people with different realities see themselves as part of society.  How they express their opinion about society, or how they question the urgent need to possess the image of themselves in places that mankind has determined as landmarks, through these chosen words.

This intervention is part of the project Brightext that deals with the language and the stimuli that nurture the urban landscape, in relation to society's strategies for identity generation.

Greek - Ελληνικά

Juanli Carrión

Juanli Carrión